Ozan SuperCard

Top up, spend and earn with your Ozan SuperCard!

Enjoy a variety of advantageous cashback campaigns without any card fees.

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SuperCard Features

Ozan SuperCard offers the easiest way to top up your balance and spend it online and on the go! Are you ready to experience the new generation card experience?

Use it everywhere

Use Ozan SuperCard to purchase game codes and for digital subscriptions on all platforms!

Earn Cashback

All cashback campaigns on Ozan SuperApp are also valid when using Ozan SuperCard. Stay tuned for new surprises and keep earning cashback!

No Card Fees

SuperCard users enjoy shopping on every platform, use their cards as they wish, and don’t ever pay any fees!

24/7 Money Transfer

24/7 money transfer service between Ozan SuperApp users is also available for Ozan SuperCards.

Where to Buy SuperCard?

In order to use your SuperCard, you must first download Ozan SuperApp and complete a simple registration. Then you can get pair your SuperCard with your account and start using it right away!

Purchase Points

Click on the logos to see nearby stores

Online Marketplaces

Click on the logos to purchase from online marketplaces

How to Use SuperCard?

SuperCard users can use their cards in online shopping, restaurants and retail stores. You can make contactless payments at retail locations with your Ozan SuperCard.

1. Download the App

Downloading Ozan SuperApp on the App Store or Google Play is the first step to using Ozan SuperCard! Install and complete the simple registration before you set up your SuperCard.

2. Register Your SuperCard

Get your SuperCard, open the app and register it on the Cards section!

3. Top Up and Start Spending

You can top up your account via bank transfers or using a debit/credit card.

Cashback Campaigns

You can visit our cashback page to explore the current campaigns!

Cashback Campaigns Get Ozan SuperCard

Cashback Campaigns

You can visit our cashback page to explore the current campaigns!

Cashback Campaigns Get Ozan SuperCard

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ozan SuperCard?

Ozan SuperCard is a contactless VISA chip debit card full of advantages that can be used for all online or offline purchases.

You can get Ozan SuperCard for 10 ₺ at online marketplaces or retail purchase points. This is a single-time payment, there are no future monthly/annual fees or transaction fees.

There are no monthly/annual fees or transaction fees for retaining or using Ozan SuperCard.

You can top up money from any ATM whenever you want.

Anyone over the age of 13 can have a SuperCard.

Ozan SuperApp users can upgrade to the Super Plan simply by completing the KYC process.With Super Plan, you can enjoy higher limits for top ups, transfers and purchases.

The top up limit is in the Basic Plan is 1,250₺. You can increase your top up limit to 750.000₺ by completing the KYC process, after which you’re upgraded to the Super Plan!